Betty's Open Letter (email)
Re: Preparing To Serve a Full-Time Mission

For those yet to serve a mission, we need to teach them basic care of themselves and their things. My son has had only a couple of companions who knew how to do their own laundry, cook without burning everything, and clean. They didn't understand how to budget their money. Their parents sent them with a credit card and they could spend all they was not a sacrifice for the son to learn to go without and practice budgeting and frugality. They are soft, physically, and didn't know how to do hard, physical work.

In so many words, we need to do a better job as mothers in preparing our teenagers to become self-sufficient adults.

When our boys (and girls) are in high school, they should know how to:

  1. Cook
  2. Clean
  3. Do their own laundry
  4. Work a part-time job for someone other than their own parents
  5. Know how to do basic repairs in the house, and learn to repair a bike.
  6. Budget money, learn to be thrifty

Missionaries are going out on their missions less prepared. Not just physically, but spiritually. Calls are coming with more time for the missionary to prepare to enter the MTC. They want the missionary to at least read the Book of Mormon before they reach the MTC. Hence, many missionaries are waiting 3 months or more from the time they receive their calls, to the time they are to report to the MTC. Once a young man receives his mission call, they start to prepare, spiritually. It should be started much earlier in their lives.

For preparing, I recommend any of the books by Randy L. Bott. If you can find them in a used book store, or from friends, I also recommend copies of my father-in-law's book, Book of Mormon, Key to Conversion and Moroni's Promise, the follow-up to Key.

If you have a son/daughter who is wavering spiritually, I previously sent out an email about the Anasazi group. Give them a call! (A link to their site is on LDS Missionary Store)

Now, most likely I am sending this message to everyone who already knows all of this stuff, and it is old news and you are pros at preparing, sending off, and supporting your missionaries. But, I felt I should send it out anyway. Maybe somebody out there in email land will get a copy and glean something from it!

If you can add to this, please do! Send it to the group!

Betty Pearson, Lehi, Listowner, LDS Missionary Mothers
Sister Lisa Pearson, Argentina Buenos Aires North (Dec 21st, 2000)
Elder K. Erik Pearson, Germany Munich (Sept 14th, 2001)
Elder C. Thompson, Washington Tacoma (Aug 2003)