Betty's Open Letter (email)
Re: Why I Started the LDS Missionary Moms Email Group.
Hello Sisters,

I started these email groups so we can support one another. Also, these groups give us help in preparing our sons, and daughters who wish to serve, for their missions. Of course, one of the major benefits is to support those who have missionaries currently serving.

For many years the Missionary Moms groups were not divided at all by any region or geographical area! All moms were in one group, regardless of where their missionaries were serving. We decided to group them together geographically so new moms joining the group (who had a brand new missionary getting ready to leave) could receive specific information about how to prepare their missionaries for the climate of the area in which their missionary's mission is.

The whole purpose of these groups is to support each other as missionary moms, and help each other become better missionary moms. We share ideas that will help our children become better missionaries, too. It is a network, and a support group. The primary purpose was and still is, to provide a forum where you can learn from others, and share ideas and support each other.

Our groups also were not set up to connect you with other Moms in your missionary's mission. If you do happen to find an MM in your missionary's area, that is just an added benefit. But it's not very likely that you will find another MM in many of the countries in the world.

Perhaps you may not always receive a lot of great ideas from this group, but maybe you can help provide information and support to new Missionary Moms who join the group. Your expertise and experience can be so beneficial to new Missionary Moms!

Missionaries do very hard work, and we can help them by providing encouragement and support. We can provide good, uplifting articles and stories which can help our missionaries while they are away from home.

We can share our missionary's experiences and successes. We can pass on their ideas and share those things our missionaries report as being most beneficial. Every Missionary Mom worries about the welfare of her missionary. Let's join together for support and sharing. Members of these groups will give us a lot while our missionaries are gone and we'll glean strength from each other that will make us better able to support our missionaries.

We started these email groups to be a support to parents, who will then be a better support to their missionaries. We want to share in the "good news" of missionary work. We want to encourage parents to be positive, to provide a listening ear when things seem discouraging, and to bring about good works. We want those subscribed to spend a few minutes reading email and thinking about how they can best support their missionary and be positive and make changes for the better in our own lives. We want you to all participate in positively supporting each other in the group by replying to emails and participating positively and supportingly in discussions.

Because these are support groups, we get to know each other pretty well. Children on missions is only one aspect of our lives, and we frequently discover common interests and concerns that may not be directly related to missionary work. We form friendships. If someone has a bad day, they know they can get support from people on this list. If someone has a reason to celebrate, they know that people on this list will be happy for them. Sometimes someone needs information on a church subject, or ideas for a church calling. Some people may consider off-topic emails frivolous or a waste of time.. However, as one member put it, "we kinda specialize in moral support and caring about people. We practice friendship and concern and compassion."

Compassionate support that builds is essential for the continued success of these groups. Please be a part of their success.

Betty Pearson, Lehi, Listowner, LDS Missionary Moms
Elder Joshua Pearson, Berlin Germany Mission, (Sep 2014)
Elder Michael Pearson, Japan Nagoya Mission, (Apr 2011)
Elder Daniel Pearson, Milan Italy Mission, (Dec 2008)
Hermana Andrea Pearson, Toronto Canada East, Spanish (Oct 2004)
Elder Glenn Pearson, Japan Tokyo South, (March. 2005)
Sister Lisa Pearson, Argentina Buenos Aires North (Dec 2000)
Elder K. Erik Pearson, Germany Munich (Sept 2001)
betty at ourldsfamily dot com