Betty's email to one who unsubscribed
because she wanted a group just for her missionary's mission
Hi Kristy,

Thanks for your comments on the unsubscription form. Unfortunately there will never be a day for mission specific email groups (or blogs). At least not for a very long time. We've tried them and they have died out and failed.

Also, Karl's sister, who was released recently as a mission president's wife, was taught in their mission president's training that they should NOT do mission-specific BLOGS. The brethren do not want them.

There may be a variety of reasons why they are against them, but, from our own experiences in running our email groups, we have many educated guesses, however, I won't bore you with our speculations. However, I do know that mission gossip amongst missionaries is HIGH and we will not facilitate the moms joining in.

The purpose of our email groups is a SUPPORT group for mothers, not a mission-specific newsletter. If you meet a mom who has a missionary in your missionary's mission, that is a side-benefit, but is not, nor ever has been, the purpose of these groups.

Those who stay with my groups through missionary-after-missionary have learned to delete messages in which they have little interest, or have gotten to know the moms in the groups better, have formed lasting friendships, and when they decide to meet each other in person instead of only through email, some of their RM sons and daughters have met and gotten married.

We've also heard of at least 13 baptisms that our groups have been directly responsible for. The sisters in the groups who get to know each other and support one another truly get the missionary spirit and cultivate friendships that have led to conversion and baptism.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know WHY we don't do mission specific groups.

Betty Pearson, Lehi, UT, LDS Missionary and Military Moms Listowner