Display Resolution Help Page
Hi! I hope this page will help you set the resolution for your monitor to a resolution which is both pleasing to the eye and which gives you the greatest possible ability to view all internet web pages more enjoyably. Once you understand the few principles taught here, you will have the tools necessary to set the resolution of your screen so it's the best possible.

The recommended resolution of your computer monitor is at least 1024x768. Higher resolutions are even better because they allow for the most readable screen fonts, the clearest pictures and graphics and the easiest negotiable web pages. The default for newer computers is typically 800x600, which is better than the olden days, but not very optimal for viewing anything on the internet anymore. LCD (flat screen/panel) monitors have a recommended resolution of 1280x1024 for the older 'square' LCDs, or 1280(or higher)x768(or higher) for newer LCDs, else the screen fonts are fuzzy and less readable, even though they appear larger. Yes, that is counter-intuitive, but that's the way it is.

So, let's get started on finding out what these things look like. But, first a small warning: You may not like the first couple steps in this procedure and you may just want to stop and go back to the 'good old days' when computers only did 640x480 (standard VGA). Of course life is simpler if there aren't many choices. That's what socialism and communism depend on to keep the people content. Keep in mind that the lower the numbers, the more coarse the graphics and fonts. Also, the higher the resolution, the smaller the fonts appear but they are much cleaner, or sharper. Here's a look at the different resolutions and what the page looks like.

The images in the other 3 fields have been reduced in size to fit on the screen, so they are pretty unreadable. Scroll around to see everything if your screen is one of the lower resolutions shown here. Hopefully, they are good enough to demonstrate what we mean.

This is what fits on your screen if your resolution is 640x480 Notice that the menu doesn't fit within the screen. This produces some very undesirable affects.

This is what fits on your screen if your resolution is 800x600, which is also undesirable.

This is what fits on your screen if your resolution is 1024x768. This is the minimum resolution for which these pages were designed.

So how do you change your screen resolution? It's simple. Just right click on the background and select Properties, then the Settings tab. You'll see a slider with hash marks under it and the words Less and More at each end. Move the slider to the setting you want to try, then click on Apply. Some computers require you to reboot, but most allow you to see the display first. If you want to keep the setting, click on Yes (or it might be OK).

Now for the final step: If you find the fonts are too small to read, there's a simple step to change that setting. Go to the place you were in the last step, and click on the Advanced button. That will bring up the place to change the Font Size. Select Large Fonts. Changing this setting will require a reboot. One note of warning, however. If your resolution is set to 1024x768, the Large setting will be too large as it makes the screen appear the same as at 800x600.

If you like these settings, you're done. However, if you wish, you now know the steps to make any change you like. Please let us know if this is just too much to do. The design of the page meets the display settings of most all computer users. Should we re-design these pages to allow those with the lower resolutions to view the pages, those who have higher resolutions would no longer be able to read the text as it would be too small.